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TreeDBNotes Pro is a universal information manager including a note organizer, contacts, passwords
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20 December 2013

Editor's review

This is a combined application containing PIM, Word Processor, Contact and Password Managers as well as e-Book maker with Tree Structure.

Pros: TreeDBNotes Pro is a powerful and easy-to-use personal database program, PIM, Word Processor, e-Book maker, Alarm & Reminders, Contacts and Passwords manager with Tree Structure, advanced encryption and password protection. Data is stored in a tree structure with nodes. Nodes could be a freestanding nodes or folder nodes. Each node can also have children nodes. Tree is a special method of representing information (similar to the Folders list as Windows Explorer). The tree consists of the enclosed elements (Nodes) at different levels. Each Node represents an associated document (Folder, Notes, Contact or Account). You may Add, Delete or Edit a Tree. There are no limitations on the numbers of trees you may have. You may add trees as you desire.

TreeDBNotes Pro stores all information (all trees, all notes, all contacts and all accounts) in one database file. The database could be protected with a password. The application provides a means of creating eBooks. eBooks can have features like convenient table of contents that is linked to contents, ability to search for words/phrases, ability to print, ability to copy text, image, formula or anything else contained in the eBook, hyperlinks and color styles. eBooks produced can have password protection to help make a business out of the publication of these items.

Other major feature of the application is the ability to store and keep passwords/PIN numbers for websites/credit cards etc protected inside the application.

The user interface is well designed and reasonably easy to use. It is easy to learn too.

Cons: This is yet another application offering similar functionality. But then it does things well.

Overall a 4 star application.

Publisher's description

TreeDBNotes Pro is a universal information manager including a note organizer, contacts, passwords and tasks, as well as a calendar, alarm clock, reminders, and many other useful features.asily import and export you can synchronize data with other programs. Password protection, encryption and backup will keep data safe. Easy portability, small size, multiple language support and a nice user-friendly interface will make the program your friend and helper at home, work and travel. Advanced encryption and password protection. Features: Search, Replace, Case options, Insert file/ link/ image/ time/ date/ symbols/ table / html table. Import txt, wri, rtf, Excel, Word, TreePad, CSV, html and more. Export to txt, html, wri, epub, doc and more.
TreeDBNotes Pro
TreeDBNotes Pro
Version 4.34.1
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